Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why You Should Wear Jewelry Fashion Accessories

Why You Should Wear Jewelry Fashion Accessories
You shouldn't underestimate the power of jewelry fashion accessories. It's something you can wear even if your weight goes up and down. You don't need to have the perfect wardrobe. You can make your current wardrobe into something you actually like if you have the right accessories.
For instance, you can totally transform a white button down shirt and pair of denim jeans with just a little help. Tie a scarf in your hair and use gold chandelier earrings if you want to have a bohemian look that isn't too over the top. You can make the same outfit feel vintage just by putting your hair in pin curls and wearing a classic strand of pearls. Then you can take a walk on the wild side with bold gemstones like a smoky quartz pendant on a strand of garnet nuggets.
You can then try the same trick with a little black dress. These are a staple at formal events and you may even be required to wear one. Then how are you supposed to stand out? Simply by wearing bold jewelry. You can try an oversized pair of dangle earrings for a simple look that will get a lot more attention than diamond studs. It will also cost a lot less. You can also add your own unique personality to a dress by wearing your birthstone or a piece that is from your hometown. Try a turquoise necklace as a way to give a black dress personality and color.

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