Friday, September 30, 2011

Reef Smoothy Sandals

Reef Smoothy Sandals
The Smoothy Sandal has a triple Reef-Flex density, EVA design and also, will support your feet. It's arch support is very comfortable, preventing any feet kinks or sores if you plan on walking for a long time. Although we don't recommend it, you could run in these shoes and still not have any problems. Being quite durable, these sandals can easily bend without breaking in half as other cheap sandals would. You're more likely to walk around silently, even on the docs or at the mall because Reef definitely won't release any clunker!
The Reef Smoothy Sandals are among a surfers favorite sandal because they grip your feet in a way that makes it impossible to have this sandal fall off. Besides, the old ball kick with a shoe falling off and flying into the air is so yesterday, don't you think? Do yourself a favor and get a pair of the Smoothy sandals and you'll be glad you did!

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