Friday, September 16, 2011

Fashion Trends in 2011

Fashion Trends in 2011
Summer is nearly here. The days are getting longer, the air warming up, and within no time at all, we will all be bathing in the wonderful light of the summer sun. With summer comes all the usual activities: cocktail parties, trips to the beach, BBQs, picnics, strolls through the park. And, the usual problems: what to wear, how to tame hair affected by the humidity, how to prevent white marks on clothes, and how to stay cool.

If you live in the UK, you will appreciate how difficult it is to know how the weather will be on any given day. Indeed, this April, we seemed to have a mini heat wave, and as you know, many of us have been left thinking, 'was that our summer?' - As has been the case in recent years. Hopefully, however, there will be many more sunny summer days to come yet, and now we turn our attention to the most important facet of summer: what styles are fashionable for 2011.

Ok, so we cannot make any predictions about the weather, but one thing we know: there will be many fashionable items this season and the shopping malls will be full of wonderful designer clothing, from Great Plains Clothing to Prada, the fashionista amongst us are certainly spoiled for choice this season.

There are several key trends this year, and the trends that you opt for should depend on your own personality and sense of style. With so many fashionable ranges from which to choose, even the most avoidant followers of fashion will find something suitable to wear.

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