Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5 Ways to Make Fashion Trends Work For You

5 Ways to Make Fashion Trends Work For You
With every season, there is a new trend. Some are pretty easy for the majority of people to adopt - for example, many people look good in big sunglasses. There are tons of different styles of big sunglasses, so it's a trend that comes back over and over. Other trends, however, look terrible on most people - skinny jeans come to mind. So how do you make this season's trends work for you?
1. Remember that you don't need to follow every trend. Each season brings in at least five trends that leave just as quickly. If you keep up on every trend, you'll spend all your money on clothes that will be out-of-date in three months. Instead, choose one or two that you love. Accessory trends are good ones - for example, this spring's cotton scarves. Tiny investment, iconic payoff, and you can continue to use the accessory if you like it.
2. Be realistic about your body type. Don't try to follow trends meant for people of a different shape. Skinny jeans look good on twiggy people - they tend to make anyone with defined hips look oddly large. On the other hand, wiggle dresses are made for curvy women, and twiggy girls have a hard time not looking awkward in them.
3. Mix trendy pieces with classic pieces. Sure, try a trendy skirt - and pair it with your favorite plain t-shirt or blouse. Mixing in classic pieces will help ensure that you don't look like a trend clone, as well as keeping your trend investment to a minimum.
4. Go for the small dose. When you hear that sequins are the new big thing, don't run out and buy a disco-inspired top. Instead, try a piece that has the trendy embellishment as a small decoration or in an accessory. Maybe a sequined purse or neckline? Remember that runway fashion is art and not meant for the street - you don't need to be the clubs' dancing disco ball.
5. Keep investments small. If you aren't sure about a trend (meaning you don't know if you'll like it when the season is over), don't buy the expensive version. Instead, shop second hand boutiques, thrift stores, and Target for the inexpensive alternative

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