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Ladies Clothes - Varies More Than Men'

Ladies Clothes - Varies More Than Men'
Ladies clothes come in and out of fashion all the time, although fashion is a circle that just continuously repeats itself. It largely fluctuates between short and longer lengths. There was a time when ladies clothes were very modest and there were not too many options for a woman to choose from.
At one point in time the ladies were strictly dictated as to what was acceptable clothing to wear that began changing during the nineteen forties when women had to work outside of the home to make up for all the "manpower" that was shipped overseas to fight in the second world war.
During this period ladies began wearing slacks to work. This had been largely unheard of until this point.
Skirts were the order of clothes for centuries. They were given no other option for clothing other than skirts and blouses for ladies. At some points the skirts were so cumbersome that not much more than sit or stand could be done with them on. They were not very practical and it seems as soon as the ladies could get into wearing something else they did.
Over time the skirts became less cumbersome, and shorter but not too short just shorter than ankle length. These clothes have really evolved quite a bit from the long cumbersome skirts.
Slacks were never really accepted as proper dress for ladies until after the nineteen sixties. Up until that point they were worn but not very acceptable. With the woman's movement of the nineteen sixties and seventies really freed up ladies clothes.
Blue jeans became popular during this period as did the freedom to dress as the lady saw fit. This did not go over big and still today you will hear grumbling and negative comments regarding the clothes a lady wears. Slacks are still a very popular choice among ladies.
Blue Jeans The Revolution
Blue jeans became popular in the nineteen sixties but really did not become favored as a form of ladies clothes and acceptable to wear outside the home until the nineteen seventies. Blue jeans have revolutionized ladies clothes. They have offered a freedom in choice that has never been known by the fashion world.
No matter what type of ladies clothes you choose know that it is your choice and all types of fashion is available widely. It is one of the largest industries in the world. There are plenty of options and many different price ranges. It is a great way to show your individuality and your personal style.

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