Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tips for Keeping Your Fashion Store in Top Condition

Tips for Keeping Your Fashion Store in Top Condition
Anyone in the fashion industry will know that appearances are key to success and this is particularly true of clothes stores. A jumbled mess of garments is not attractive to customers and will either put them off buying or lower their perceived value of the garments and even your store - and if the shop floor becomes too untidy, there is a further risk that items will be damaged.
So, what measures can you take to keep your outlet looking clean and tidy, as well as ensuring that all your clothes stay in top condition?
The first step towards an organised and tidy store is in the design phase when you are selecting your shop fittings.
You should think carefully about the kinds of garments that you will be stocking and make sure you order the appropriate clothes rails, racks and shelves. You will also need to consider their position in relation to one another to ensure that the shop floor is not too cramped or cluttered.
It is a balancing act to install the right amount of storage for your stock, while still leaving enough space for customers to move around freely. To ensure you get this balance right from the start, measure your store and map out where the fixtures and fittings will go - this way you will be able to gauge how much space your customers will have before you purchase and install the fittings.
Getting the right size product displays also includes considering the types of garments to be displayed. For example, long dresses can become dirty or damaged if they are hung on a clothes rail that is too low to the floor, so you will need to make sure that any such display solution you choose is designed for such garments.
If you are planning to store items such as jeans or jumpers on shelves, you must make sure that they are easily accessible to customers and that they can be reached by staff to tidy the displays throughout the day.
You should avoid overfilling rails or shelves because all the clothes will quickly become untidy as shoppers browse and move them around. It also makes it more difficult for consumers to look through the rails, which could put some people off.
Garments are also more likely to be knocked off their hangers when stored in tightly packed clothes rails, therefore reducing the chances of them being sold and increasing the likelihood that they will become dirty or get damaged.
Choosing the right type of coat hangers is another way to help prevent items from becoming untidy or getting ripped. Hangers with clips for skirts and trousers are ideal and will also showcase the garments securely and allow them to hang in an attractive manner.
Meanwhile, hangers with ribbed shoulders can prevent tops or jackets slipping to the floor and padded options are a good way to protect delicate items.

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