Friday, September 16, 2011

Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

Gold Bridesmaid Dresses
Planning a wedding is not easy. Everything has to be synchronized and blended. Generally weddings have different themes and styles. A bridesmaid plays a very important role in a wedding. She is the best woman at the wedding. She represents the bride by being her maid of honor. So, it is essential that the bridesmaid looks stunning. The subtle hint here is that the bridesmaid should look pretty, but should be dressed in such a way that she enhances the bride, meaning she underplays her beauty and looks subtle, yet beautiful and poignant when she stands next to the bride.

Gold bridesmaid dresses are in as they signify boldness and beauty. If the bride is having an Egyptian, Moroccan style wedding, then gold bridesmaid dresses will just add to the entire look. Also, a wedding in a chapel or church can call for bridesmaids in golden dresses. However, it is also advisable that beach and pool side weddings do not qualify for gold bridesmaid dresses. There are various reasons as to why you should choose a gold bridesmaid dress.

Gold is a very lovely and unique color. It has a shimmer quality about it and it is the color for girls in the age bracket of 18-26, as they can carry the color very easily and with elegance. Gold is not the color everyone can wear, so if you have a lovely tan or a bronzed body, then make the use of this opportunity and opt for a beautiful gold gown with interesting cuts. However, these days there are various shades of gold such as dull gold, metallic gold, copper gold, etc., So unleash the bling factor in you and opt for this lovely color.

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