Tuesday, October 11, 2011

T-Shirt Trends in the American Fashion Industry

T-Shirt Trends in the American Fashion Industry
T-shirts have been an integral part of the American fashion industry ever since it acquired its new and innovative image in the 1950s' and at that time were treated as vehicles meant for promoting sociological and industrial causes. Most of the fashion trends are subject to change with the changing climate as well as the transforming mind-set of people of people all over the world and since it is not possible for everyone to buy new clothes every now and then, people often look for universal fashion options which would remain in vogue all through the year. The t-shirt easily fits the requirement which explains its wide popularity and unquestioning acceptance.
While the t-shirts in the 1950s' were the forte of the young and the rebellious, they underwent an image makeover in the 1960s' when improvements in the field of printing and dyeing resulting in printed and tie-dye cotton t-shirts which were preferred by people. The arrival of the 1970s' heralded the introduction of the disco and the large and loose-fitting t-shirts were replaced by form-fitting and tight t-shirts which were worn in combination with tight pants and were considered as being particularly suitable for concert dancing. This version of the t-shirt had a romantic aspect as well when they were worn by men along with bell bottomed pants and shoes for attracting girls and while men wore rock concert t-shirts and tie-dye t-shirts, women generally combined the same with mini skirts and hot pants.

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