Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kimono Dresses In Western Fashion

Kimono Dresses In Western Fashion
Kimono dresses have a very distinctive and world-recognized look to them. Though they are typically worn by women and children, they were historically worn by men as well. In modern Japan, the kimono is often considered formal wear, or is reserved for special occasions. There are various versions of the gown, but traditionally, they are essentially constructed from one large piece of fabric. They are made with a long hemline, usually falling to the ankle. The sleeves are fashioned from the main piece of cloth and are extremely wide and roomy, with very little taper from the arm hole down to the cuff. The form of the dress is crafted by wrapping the fabric around the body and securing it with a wide sash that is elaborately tied in a large bow.
Kimonos are made from traditional natural fabrics, such as fine silks, soft satins, and thick crepe. The fabric is often stitched throughout in bright and contrasting-coloured thread. The patterns can be very intricate and may depict a story or showcase various themes. Common designs include bamboo, plum trees, and dragons.
Designers in Europe and the Americas have recognized the beauty of the traditional Japanese dress and are integrating its design elements into their Western fashion collections. For example, wrap-front dresses with elongated hemlines and wide sleeves borrow from the pattern of kimonos. They combine the familiarity of modern Western dress wear with the exoticism of Eastern fashion. Asian-inspired threaded, painted, and printed designs in complimentary colours bring a bit of foreign loveliness to dresses cut in traditionally European styles.

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