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Professional Organic Hair Color

Professional Organic Hair Color
The professional world of hair and hair dye can be complicated place for most consumers. There are countless options available on the market today, different varieties, shades and formulas to select when choosing the correct color. This situation often presents confusion for consumers who do not know where to turn for the best in natural hair color options. Most hair dyes, even those used by professional salons, contain chemicals like ammonia. These chemicals are used in the dye creation process in order to thicken the dye or ensure proper coverage when applied to hair. However, many consumers have grown concerned with these chemicals. This means that many consumers are seeking out more natural and organic options in hair dye. Many consumers are more conscious than ever of additives, harmful chemicals and other products that could be potentially harmful to them and their family. Options in natural and ammonia-free hair color are no different when it comes to hair dye.
Organic Hair Color
For a very important and necessary reason, several companies created a new professional line of organic hair color. This gentler formula, which is still a permanent hair color, is not as harsh as other dyes but still gives the same vibrant color customers expect to receive at the salon. Many experts in the hair industry report this product has arrived just in time, due to the fact that many other companies have recently consolidated. Several industry professionals are now searching for a meaningful company to be part of in the hair industry. This hair color is free of harsh chemicals and faux fragrances that strip hair of its natural oils. For those who demand the best for their hair, this product fits the bill.
Using only the best Ingredients
Unique ingredients like fruit pectin for its thickening properties and other essential natural oils are the key to high quality, natural hair color. Many consumers experience difficulty in locating the purest products in the hair color industry today. In particular, consumers seek ammonia-free hair dye from the industry. This is why importance is placed upon an honest approach to marketing these natural products to consumers. Several companies works to create a quality product and to market it with integrity and honesty to establish open communication with potential clients and customers.
Organic Hair Color
As our population continues to age, more and more women are turning to professional permanent color to prevent their hair from looking dull and grey. Because of this, there has been a heightened awareness of the highly toxic chemicals found in most permanent colors. This has led to a huge increase in the popularity of organic hair products.
Organic color offers an alternative to the more health conscious woman who does not want to sacrifice her health for her beauty. Although organic hair color is a much safer, healthier choice than it's toxic alternatives, it can actually perform much better than the chemical brands that are used in most salons. Although a professional colorist may charge between 10% and 15% more for organic haircolor than chemical based haircolor, the results will be a more vibrant, healthier, shinier, and longer lasting color that does a superior job at covering resistant great hair. The reason why professional organic hair color products costs a bit more than chemical based professional color products is all in the ingredients. The organic raw ingredients required to make high quality organic color is several times more expensive than the cheaper synthetically created chemicals used in chemical based color.
How is Organic Hair Color Different?
There are three primary differences between professional organic color and chemical based color products. First, organic color will not contain ammonia while chemical based color contains high amounts of ammonia or ammonia hydroxide (ammonia and water). Second, organic color will minimize its use of synthetic chemicals. Third, a good organic color will maximize its use or certified organic raw ingredients to nourish and restore the hair while providing it with a rich, permanent, lustrous color.
Ammonia-Free Hair Color
Ammonia is a dangerous corrosive toxin whose primary purpose in the color process is to blast open the cuticle. Opening the hair's cuticle is necessary for the color molecules to enter the hair's cortex where it oxidizes with hydrogen peroxide resulting in permanently coloring the hair. High quality professional organic color will use a swelling agent like cocamide (which is naturally found in coconut oil) to gently swell the cuticle open allowing the color molecules in the color to enter the hair's inner cortex. This process usually requires the use of heat to assist in the swelling process. After the oxidative color process is complete, the heat is removed from the hair and the cuticle swells down to its natural state sealing the color inside the hair's cortex naturally protected by the in-tact cuticle. This is preferred to using ammonia to blast open the cuticle as doing so will damage the hair and leave it damaged allowing the color to slowly fall out. When color begins to come out to the hair's cortex through daily activity, it is called color fade. Color fade rarely happens with organic color and is quite common with chemical color.

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