Friday, October 7, 2011

Boys Clothes Collection by Christian Dior for Winter 2011 and 2012

Boys Clothes Collection by Christian Dior for Winter 2011 and 2012
In this article I want to give you a sneak-peak at the boys clothes collection by Christian Dior for the upcoming fall and winter season of 2011 and 2012. The collection has surprised me very much and it is in its essence very different from the girls clothes collection. Nevertheless, both designer kids clothes collections are clean-looking which goes hand in hand with the superior design of Christian Dior. Whereas the girls clothes collection takes on a dreamy fairy-tale type of style, the boys clothes collection for winter 2011 and 2012 is down to earth and clever. A name that well describes what I mean is "James Bond" who represents a classy down to earth man who's very convincing in his behavior. That doesn't mean the boys clothes collection by Christian Dior takes on a special agent type of look, though!
So you are probably wondering what the elements are that make up the Dior boys clothes collection. The most apparent elements are "skinny" and "1960s". The clothes have a sharp cut and are rather skinny designed. It looks really amazing because it is mixed with a 1960s type of clothing. Very important to realize is that not everything is mixed with a 1960s style, there are also numerous "modern" casual trousers, sweaters and jackets like a hooded down jacket. Nevertheless, they are still designed in a skinny-looking cut that can very well be combined with any of the 1960s style of clothes from this collection. Dior expresses the 1960s style especially through coats and trousers that are casual looking. Think of a 1960s movie where the male protagonist strolls down a street in his casual clothes. Nevertheless, there are no hats in the Dior collection for boys. The one thing that adds "modern spice" to the collection are the shoes. The shoes are discreet and comfortable sneakers in dark colors. This is great because a boys collection has to stay a kids line and shouldn't turn boys into men or even gentlemen.

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