Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halter Tank Tops and More on Summer Clearance

Halter Tank Tops and More on Summer Clearance
Let's start with halter tank tops; they are a classic summer staple and they are much more versatile than retailers think. If you can find halter tanks on clearance you have found a great bargain! Halter tops most definitely can be worn throughout the year if you are a fan of layering. At this stage of the summer you will find that likely many of the hot patterns and prints will be sold out so what are left are solid colors. Don't take this as a negative thing because solid colored fashion tops are actually perfect for year round wearing. Even if you can only find white and black halter tops on sale these tops can match perfectly with a vibrant red blazer or even a great chocolate brown leather jacket. You will definitely be able to find plain halter tank tops on clearance for $10 or less at this stage of the summer so take advantage!
You will also quickly find as you hunt through these clearance bins and racks that summer dresses will be priced to sell at this time of year as well. It is true that some of the summer prints and patterns are geared towards summer so it can be hard to integrate them into your upcoming fall wardrobe. However, if you can find them at a reasonable price, $15 or less, it is more than worth it to wear them even only a few times before it gets too chilly! On the other hand, as mentioned above with the halter tank tops, solid colored summer dresses can most definitely move on to fall and be layered underneath military and leather jackets as well as sweaters. Don't forget that you can find mini length summer dresses as well as floor length so look closely.
If you think your wardrobe has enough halter tops and summer dresses don't forget to look for shorts and other summer trending fashion tops as well. Even if you are not interested in wearing them for the current year it is never too early to stock up on summer classics for the summer of 2012. The women's clothing trends are not likely to change so extremely that halter tops are no longer fashionable.

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